Todrock Email Application is made with all function you need. It is created By Todrock Services, Jaipur.


Todrock Email Application Dashboard
Todrock Email Application Dashboard
Todrock Email Application List Details


Here are some important features of list. that you cannot finde any other application.

  • Fastest Speed

    You can create list with multiple list names and you can import contacts from excel format with an uploading speed of above 300,000+ contacts with in 1 minute.

  • Filter option

    you can export your data category wise like opens, clicks, delivered, bounce etc.

  • Suppression, Multipal Delete and Many more..

    you may delete multiple list at a time and after sending the first campaign you may export your clean list with active contacts and bounce backs , unsubscribes, and suppression and you can also set them on auto remove in your list.


you can make single campaign or multiple campaign with multiple subjects however all subjects will auto rotate to increase the number of confirmed mail deliveries and to increase the number of opens and click top of this you may send more then one campaign on multiple list. you may use our easy and interactive campaign editor to make your campaign more click oriented you may also upload your html page directly while designing the campaign to make it quick and hassle free.

Todrock Email Application Campaign List
Todrock Email Application Create Campaigning with multiple subjest
Todrock Email Application Schedule With more functions


Schedule with out intuitive application you can select multiple campaign and multiple list along with smears name, senders id and reply id while making a campaign to boost the sum of deliveries.

you have privilege to choose multiple servers to send your content while you are at it you can seclude time to send them as per your desired time slot ,once scheduled it will start shooting mails at the chosen time even if you are physically not present or your workstation is switched off.

if you think you might have chosen wrong time or some changes need to be made you have the advantage to pause or resume it whenever you want all you have to do is make a campaign and schedule it rest is automated so you can sit back and relax while we are at it.


Staticst a dashboard designed to give you 100% transparency about what is the result of your campaign sent unlike other service providers that only gives you access to bounce and clicks .we here give you access to number of mail deliveries .how many were bounced number of people that opened mails and how many of them clicked the URL also number of unsubscribes .you may analyse the data as you can export the resulting data category wise and you can instantly reschedule the data to resend with out rotating subject server and ip,s feature which will give more possibilities to deliver rest of the bounces .while you are at if you only wish to resend it to number of opened mails or want to give coupons or introductory offers to people who clicked you may as well do that on out platform.

Todrock Email Application View all statics on one click
Todrock Email Application View all statics in more Graphicly
Todrock Email Application Suppression

Suppression :

Suppression, a feature that no other identical service provider is giving which gives you.

Control over whom to keep out while you are designing campaign ,you can choose mails id or the domain name who you don’t wish to receive mails.

you may put them manually or upload from an excel shit those ids or domains will be removed from your list and will not receive the mail.


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